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Hi, mandarines! I just wanted to introduce you to my new NEW beautiful ETSY SHOP.
It's called "milmandarines, and I've been quite a long time wanting to open my own etsy shop. But, I didn't know how to start it, how I should manage it, etc. But, now. I feel more confident with my artwork and my illustration skills. I feel is definetly the time to start this new epidose. 
I wanted to share here the process behind every product, like the behind the scenes, how I work, etc.
I feel like it's very important to show who you are in this things.

As Halloween season it's approuching more and more, I felt like the best time to design something witchy was right now. (You guys know how found I am of all things witchy).
So I created this pattern with all things witchy like, spooky and couldron. Some potions, some candles, maybe a caramel apple? 
So, this is what I came with!
I turned this pattern into phone cases, that you can check over here:

So, go and check out the shop, just a little click on milmandarinas.etsy.com
And you will see how much effort and care, and love I've been putting in this. It means the world to me. And I'm always grateful for you to read this things. I feel like the most proudest mamma. That's for sure.

My best friend told me that now that I have a shop, I'm defintely Tom Nook from Animal Crossing, so I had to do that fan art.(yey! Animal Crossing)

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