School girl born in 1932


Postcard of this monday, 25th of November of 2014.
There are days, specific days when the sunlight delicately hits your face and you can lightly feel the heat all over yor complexion. This day is one of those in wich you see everything in a same colour. Today I felt a little bit old spirit inspired and made this school girl, vintage details outfit. I instantly felt like if I were in one of those old monochrome photographies, what has been really fun! 
Amber couloured days.
Amber eyes.
Amber chain.
Amber walls.
#OOTD: Mono- Zara/ Top-Thrifted/ Cameo- Street market/ Oxford shoes-/ Socks- Primark/ Earrings- DIY

I wanted to share with you a song that I recently discovered, I can´'t pull it off of my head. It's so simple and so childish that every time I listen to it, makes me smile. I hope, it makes you happy too.  Way to tell you- NMTD (link)

Bye, bye. 
Faithfully, Sylwia. 

Special thanks to @Ms__Mocca for photographing me today. She's such an artist!
If you're curious in what type of art-work I do, here you have the answer (tadaa)Tumblr: sylwiaholmes
But also, imstagram: sylwiaholmes
Or youtube: sylwiaholmes

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