🌾Botánica trip|Palacio de cristal de Arganzuela🌾


Hi, mandarines! A few weeks a go we went to the botanical palace that is near my school, a few metro stations away. And had a wonderful day, but somehow I completely forgot about the photos that we took. So, as I was, going through my SD card I found this gorgeous adventure that we took.
So, here we go!
A very earthy botanical trip, that we went.

 This gorgeous place is called Palacio de Cristal de Arganzuela. And has an enchanting atmosphere in it. I completely felt in love with it, and I went there a few times since I discovered.
It's so magical, and so cool!
Patri looking awesome in the filtered sunlight.
Ana, looking curious at the plants that we saw.
 Good morning Sara! I asume you were having a wonderful time!

Laura, and her super cool backpack.
me me me
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