🐺 Fantastic Mr. fox, an obbsesion to cure 🐺


September means welcoming the new season, for me means dressing in all Fantastic Mr. Fox color palettes. There's no surprise in me feeling kind of obsessed with this master film of Wes Anderson. Bassed on the Roald Dahl's novel with the same tittle.
Having read the book and seen the movie, I can definetly say that it's so amazing that OGH, omg. The comedy, the humor, the dialogues, the animation it's so cool...
So autumn for me means leaves falling, yeah. But also, letting my Fantastic Mr. Fox obsession be free and wild and fantastic.
Just, look at the colors. The color palettes are stunning. And also, the soundtrack of the movie it's stunning as well. Trust me! Press play and comment down below what you think!

So, that was all folks! Just a quick update in my obsession mind world. A beautiful world, may I say.
What are you definetly into right now? Comment below and start a conversation!

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